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08.01.14 - Toronto, Canada

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Yes clubbing for the very first time! Hahaha I'm excited and thank you so much for your help! Your blog is still my number 1 outfits blog!

Aww thank you, darling! :)) made me smile on this early birthday morning hour. Haha!

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One Direction, launch their new fragrance ‘You & I’ at The London NYC Hotel on August 5, 2014 x

One Direction, launch their new fragrance ‘You & I’ at The London NYC Hotel on August 5, 2014 x

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You & I Fragance comercial

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This shit better work

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Could you please answer this ask with all your 'clubbing' outfits. I'm going clubbing pretty soon for the first time and I need ideas. I don't have a computer or else I would search them by myself but on mobile it's a pain in the a**. Please?

Hey  butterfly!
Hmm….I am not fully sure if I tagged all my ‘clubbing’ outfits, but CLICK HERE TO SEE CLUBBING OUTFITS

And clubbing for the first time? :)) This is so cool! I remember my first clubbing experience. Sneaked into club, when I was underaged. Haha! I wore black dress and hmm…I think I had yellow heels and hellow clutch handbag and straigtened hair and heavy makeup. Haha! Got lucky that I security didn’t ask to see my ID. 

Anyway, hope your clubbing goes all well! :)x

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One Direction - 2015 Official Calendar (x)

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It really was…

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one direction - TAKE ME HOME[deluxe edition] - first lines [insp
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First shows of each tour x/x/x